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Thursday, November 5, 2009

2nd Commandment

Matthew 12:31
And the second, like [it, is] this: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no other commandment greater than these." 

I had have people in my life that never liked me for one or another reason. I tried to stay away from those people, because they just brought pain and destruction into my life.
I'm not talking about my childhood or youth...I'm talking about right after I met my husband and after I became Christian.
You will think, that you are mature, married with children and most of all you are a new born Christian.
You have a new family, you are surrounded by grown up Christians...Life is good, right?....wrong!!!

Now that I'm a lot older and had gone through out many trials in my life, I realized that I'm not perfect...I will make mistakes or say the wrong thing to someone that I care about it. As a mature Christian, I know I have the love of God, and what ever I do wrong, I try to make it right, right away, before it gets too old.
What makes me different than some people I know is that, I learn from my mistakes.
God always gives me the vision of how my actions had displeased Him, and because I had chosen to walk with Him, I know right away what He is telling me. So I try to change what ever it is that I'm doing wrong.

God had always stop me on my track, it is up to me to obey Him or ignore Him...If I choose to ignore Him, I know on the back of my head (the spirit of wisdom) that my punishment is coming.
If you thought that God doesn't punish disobedient're wrong!!!

For some reason some Christians don't think like that, they believe that after the had say the prayer of salvation they are save no matter what...they can go and still living the life they were living before they became won't make a difference in their believes. They are wrong also!!!

I personally know these group of people that don't like me, but they put their smiling faces when we are together, but as soonest they can, they will try to make me look bad, stupid or ignorant in front of who ever is in the room (it seams that these actions are very important to them) they believe very deeply in their hearts that whatever gift God had giving them is because they deserve it. I'm not making this up, this has been going on in my life for many, many years already!!!

I'm still getting some of the sarcasms from some of them (Christians brothers and sisters) and the sad thing is that most of the time these bad judgments against  me, come from the males.
It is not because I'm a bad person but it is because I'm Hispanic and I speak with a heavy accent (this is good material for bad jokes and criticism) and some brothers/sisters can't tolerate  people like me, and for some of the brothers/sisters these are sings of "ignorance" so people like me don't deserve "respect" ether...
Who knows why some Christians choose to do things like this.?????

These problems haven't change my relationship with my Savior a has only make it stronger!!!

We Christians have the obligation of taking God's Commandments very seriously and apply them to our lives.
We don't want to take a chance of loosing Jesus in our lives, only because of our pride.!!


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