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Friday, January 20, 2012

I Don't Want to Remember

The memories came back :(
I don't like when I wake up in the middle of the night and I start thinking about things.
Many times I go back to my country and the civil war that went on for so many years. I don't like to think of the fear I got to live with for so many years. I don't like when the thoughts comeback they don't go away for a few days.

Two nights ago I started thinking about the long days at school, when I say "long" I mean 'long'. I was in high school (Bachillerato) in Spanish. I was living in a town far away from my Catholic school. I used to take two different buses back and forth from school, one will take me from my neighborhood to downtown and the second one from downtown to school, I guess total travel was about an hour.
I saw so many bad things that only happen in a war.

My first class started at 8:00 am and the last one ended at 7:00 pm. for a seventeen year old girl that was dangerous and very scary.

This particular night I remember one of the nuns prayed to the virgin Mary for our safety travel.
I was glad that she did that, even dough it was to the virgin Mary and not Jesus, at that time I didn't know any better, but my God is so merciful that no matter what He was there with me.

I  remember getting off the bus in downtown and walking a few blocks down to the next bus stop. I was always walking kind of fast that way no one will talk to me or try to get my attention for the wrong reason.
I was getting close to the next bus stop and I could see a lot of people waiting for the I was getting closer I can see sitting on a door step these two young boys, I knew they were bad news, but I needed to pass next to them, then I can see that at the end of the building was a dark ally. I saw the older boy getting his friend's attention with his elbow and they both looked at me...I passed them and I can see them with the corner of my eyes getting up and started following me...I thought "this is it, they will push me into the ally take my watch and rape me" I started praying for protection within a second...I felt like a warm embrace and like if an invisible shield covered me, with that my body felt warm and I felt peace in my heart, but I kept my steady pace, they didn't do anything, I got to the bus stop and went straight to a girl who was standing by her self, I told her that those two boy were following me, she recommended that we should stay together until the bus arrive.
These two boy went an yanked a wrist watch from this woman who was standing in the meddle of the crowd, she started screaming saying "those boys stole my watch"....I can still hear her screams.

Now that I'm a follower of Christ I can see that He was the one walking and protecting me all my life. God is so loving and understanding, that even dough I was miss guide in believing that the virgin Mary was the one protecting me, He still loved me for my ignorance. I'm so thankful that God has giving me the opportunity to see that Christ was the one walking those streets with me, making sure that I was protected at all times.


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