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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My son's visit

I'm so happy that my son took leave and came to California for a quick visit, it didn't matter that his visit was just for a few days I enjoyed it very much.

Random pics from my son's visit....

                 My son Patrick and his wife Basia  ♥

   My younger son Kyle preparing to eat his "gordo" burrito

Visiting Old town San Diego

My son Kyle and Lola  ♥


                                        Kyle and Lola playing
                                           My son and I  ♥

                                 My three gifts from God  ♥ ♥ ♥

                                      My two handsome boys   ♥

                                           My son with Lucy

                               My son is crazy about his pets  ♥

                                 Trying to walk my son's dogs

                                     I didn't do a good job :-)

                               My daughter did a better job than me :-)
                              Getting ready for the long way back home

                                      Time to go back home :'-(      ♥

Thank you Lord for giving me another opportunity to see my son and his wife and Thank you for for watching them all the way back home ♥

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