The fruit of the righteous is a tree of Life, And he who wins souls is wise. (Proverbs 11:30)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feeling good today

Thank you Lord for letting me see that there is light at the end of tunnel!

One of my friends from church has lost everything....when I said everything I mean everything. Things started happening little by little...first work started getting slow to the point that they couldn't afford their mortgage, then her husband was gone, then her children, the hope of becoming a resident of this country is gone.

All this miss fortune came to her not by her choice but by the wrong doing of her husband, something that no one has expected from this Christian husband.

Never the less I'm happy that the Lord is using me to help my friend in need, the way I feel is that I've never done enough for anybody, but this time I want to help my friend the best I can. She needs so much help at this time and is not only material help but spiritual help also.
I'm so happy to see how some members of her church and my church are stepping out to help her...this is what the love of Jesus is all about.

some people are telling me not to bring a woman into my home because it can easily go wrong!

The Lord has always protected my home and my marriage and there is no doubt that He always will, the Holy Spirit dwells in my family's then can I deny help to my sweet friend.

Leviticus 25:35
'If one of your brethren becomes poor, and falls into poverty among you, then you shall help him, like a stranger or a sojourner, that he may live with you'.

Please keep us in your prayers til the end of this tunnel!


JT said...

Helping others is a Christian virtue. May God Bless You.

JT said...

Merry Christmas! May God Bless You.