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Friday, April 16, 2010

National Day of Prayer...unconstitutional???

 The government is trying to take the National Day of Prayer away from this country!
Please read this and join us in this great rally that my friends from Zyxter are organizing.
Let us all rally together around the world for twenty four hours of prayer on Thursday, May 6th, 2010!

This is an online event so regardless of where you are in the world you can participate in this historic event. We will release the full schedule in the next couple of days but we will have a full 24 hours of non stop programming and interactive prayer from around the world via our LIVE internet campus.

We will have set aside times for messages on prayer, songs about prayer, live prayers for miracles in health, finances, relationships, and much much more. For the first time in history we will try to assemble a LIVE interactive national day of prayer to lift up your prayer requests from all over the world, to pray for our world leaders, the lost, and to see literal / verifiable miracles from around the globe as we join together in the largest online / interactive twenty four hours of prayer!

The United States may not recognize the National Day of Prayer, but we will meet online and see a mighty move of God as history is made. Will you be part of History and experiencing God like never before?

Please INVITE every friend you have on facebook to this event and lets see a million or more people around the world come together in unity and agree for an unprecedented move of God in 2010 as we see revival sweep the land!

WE WILL RELEASE THE LIVE LINK ON MAY 5, 2010 - please pre-register (so we can plan on the correct amount of bandwidth so no one misses out) and confirm that at some point on May 6, 2010 you will login and participate!


PRE-REGISTER TO OUR ONLINE NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER and give us any suggestions and your prayer requests:

Don't forget to invite all of your Facebook friends right now using the invite people to come links on the right! IF EVERYONE THAT CONFIRMS INVITES ALL THEIR FRIENDS WE WILL SEE MORE THAN 1 MILLION GATHER TO PRAY!

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Tibi said...

Hi Patty, I understand your passion about this but you might want to consider this:

"Zyxter [the organizer of the NDoP] is a premiere social networking site of its kind. It is an all-encompassing marketing system that incorporates live streaming services that literally allow you, your business, your products and your services to be seen and help you become the last word in your community.

"The entire point of Zyxter in this new era of marketing relevance is to create well-educated prospects who are affiliated with your business and who can help you acquire a large base of happy, satisfied customers."

The quote is from the e-book "Zyxtology" by "Pastor Joe" himself.

Some interesting word stats on this same book:

* market — 117
* business — 98
* success — 52
* customer — 49
* relevant, relevancy — 40
* company, industry — 28
* church — 27
* money — 25
* Christ — 1
* God, Lord, Jesus — 0
* sin, repent, grace, mercy — 0

From 1 Timothy 6:5-6 — "... men of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain." Looking at the quote I just posted — does it ring a bell?