The fruit of the righteous is a tree of Life, And he who wins souls is wise. (Proverbs 11:30)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Lest celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. The One who gave his life for the world...and even so many didn't receiving Him, when He was among us.
Jesus came to this world to save us and to give us the hope that one day we can be with Him in Heaven.
But if you don't believe that, and you denied Him, He will denied you in Haven and you might be condemning your soul for eternal punishment.
Many will say that that is not fair, because after all God has giving us free will!! yes He had, but because of the free will, men are condemn to hell for their evil hearts.
Jesus came to save us from that condemnation and to makes free, from evil, from hard ship, from chains, from the sin of Adam and Eve.
If we are too proud to admit what the Bible tell us about the meaning of Christmas, we are missing the greatest opportunity that it had been giving to man kind.

Go and make peace with our peace maker Jesus Christ, and He will meet you wherever you are in your life, don't be afraid or ashamed, Jesus already already knows everything about you, and He is ready to forgive you, if you are ready to repent!!

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