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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lonely Mom

My Feelings today...
Since my older son left for England I'm not in the mood for anything, I know that this is just temporary, every time he visits me we have a great time but when the time comes for him to leave a cloud of sadness falls on me.
I understand that this is the life of a military person but for a mom like me is an up and down feeling.
I miss my son way too much! I pray for him almost every day (my Jesus is very patient with me :) 

Now my seventeen year old told me that he wants to join the Marines wich had upset me very much because I don't want to lose another child, I understand that my family is a Military family but I'm still a MOM!

I don't understand how some women (moms if we can call them that) choose to live their lives apart from their children only because they believe they deserve better (I call it...Selfishness)! while their little ones are either living with dad or grandparents. There are some other parents who can't wait for their children to move out! I don't understand this one either!

I have to work in some of these feelings, I still have two teens at home who want to spend time with the  happy mom they're used to. I need to get ready for Christmas "my favorite" season of the year :)
Thank God for Skype! I'll be communicating with my older son more often now.

Thank you Lord for my three precious ones!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of their lives! 
I wouldn't changed a minute of the good and bad times I had with them.
I pray that I will have them closed enough to visit them or help them in time of need.

Thank you Jesus!!!

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