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Friday, February 17, 2012

It's all about Marriage

I found a great page on Face Book that I want to share with everybody.
It is a Christian base page which give you advices and prayers for husbands and wives.
I want to share on of the prayers written by the Smith's
Dear Lord, May your peace fill the hearts of husbands and wives from all around the world! I pray that your Holy Spirit speaks to all of us in such a personal way that we are compelled to respond, confident that it is you who called us! I pray a blessing over both husbands and wives, asking that you allow them to experience a fulfilled marriage that glorifies you! May your power sustain them, and may your wisdom lead them. Thank you for the gift of marriage and everything that we encounter. We trust you to do a good work in our marriages in Jesus Name AMEN!  ~ The Smith

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