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Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's never too late!

I just want to share some of the good works God is doing in my family....
I finilly got to talk to my brother last week. I haven't heard from him in such a long time, the only news I hear from him are trough my mom.
All of the sudden I had this desire of emailing him and finally I did and for my surprise he email me back right away saying that he wanted to talk to me on the phone and I answer back saying that I would like to do that.
Mean while I started thinking of how to start the conversation about God (he is not Christian, yet!!) and I wasn't sure of what he thought of God and Jesus. Sometimes it is easier to talk about God to an unbeliever than talk about Jesus, sometimes unbelievers tent to get offense when it comes to Jesus. So I pray that God will give me the right words to say without scaring him. My goal is to bring him to God, not to scare him away and because I know my brother and I know what he had been trough, I have to be slow and loving.

About my brother...He is a very nice guy, we were born in El Salvador, this is a country were men grow up thinking that they can do what ever they want because they are "machos", that is way my brother do the things he does, he's over 50 yrs. old and still thinking the wrong way, he use to drink a lot, party all the time, dating many women at the same time, having children here and there, and I can say that the worse of all, is that he couldn't deal with our younger brother's death.
Well, he still doing some of these things in a lower scale, his health is not the best these days.

I'm happy to say that our conversation went fine, because we talked about everything and then he brought up God's name into our conversation...that's all I was waiting for, and then I jumped in, I took over and I told him some of the benefits of having God in our lives and how God listens to our prayers through Jesus.
I'm very happy and exited to say, that my brother had an open heart and mind about everything I was telling him...he told me that he had seen God's hand in his life, for quite some time already. I know that he wants to know more about Jesus and I'm helping him to have the tools he needs to start with.

I believe that as longer we are alive there is hope for us to come to know Jesus, and this is my hope, that my brother will get to know Him one day...Please pray for him that he might start a relation ship with Jesus before is to late.


Tidbits of Torah said...

G-d listens to my prayers and I do not pray in the name of Jesus

Anonymous said...

Great story Patty. I see you are quite the blogger!!! I just said a prayer for your' brother's salvation, that he would call upon the name of Jesus and be born again!

In His Mighty Grip,